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Mother Holding Baby Finger

Curated to Grow

Registry Consulting for Expecting Parents

A customized educational experience that provides you with more than a shopping list. Gain your own personal tour guide to support you as you embark on this journey toward parenthood. 

You are on your way to becoming a parent!
Now you’re wondering, "WHAT do I need?" 
But what about, "WHY do I need this?" 
...and, "HOW do I use this?"

Sarah Prowak

Owner & Lead


While working as a pediatric occupational therapist and preparing for motherhood myself, it quickly became apparent that sifting through the abundance of information about what babies and parents need to thrive can be an overwhelming experience. 


It can be a challenge to narrow down what you really need, what gives you value and longevity, and what fits your family best. 


I will answer all of those questions and even more that you didn’t even know you had!

Then, you can feel confident and at ease while you prepare to welcome your little one!


What Parents are Saying


Devan K.

"Honestly she’s an amazing resource and I’m so grateful we had her help through two babies. Being a pediatric occupational therapist, she looks at the function of everything and how products can support or may not support baby’s development."

Miriam S.

“I would have been totally lost without Sarah's help with my baby registry. As a first time mom, I had no idea where to start, and was completely overwhelmed by the review sites, especially when you don't know which sites were being paid to push specific products. Sarah's knowledge and expertise was unmatched. I knew that she would guide me to what I actually needed, as well as what was safest and most educational for my baby.”

Alex B.

“I connected with Sarah at what felt like the perfect time! My partner and I got so much out of our sessions with her and we both felt so much more prepared to care for our newborn once he arrived!

We also felt so good knowing the items we invested in purchasing were actually going to be put to good use. I appreciate that she includes resources and products to help support a new, healing Mom.

Hands Up

We Believe

Everyone's path to parenthood has their own unique beginning. I support every path and and I am sensitive to wherever you are in your journey. 

Curated to Grow is committed to the inclusion of individuals and families regardless of age, race, class, ethnicity, national origin, gender expression & identity, sexuality, relationship status, ability, & religion.

All Families Are Welcome, Always!

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